How Much Faster is Fiber Internet than 5G?

“What can the internet do for me?” The answer to this question will provide a glimpse of its massive importance for us today. It helps us shop online, play games, stream video content, work from home, and learn online.

And with the development of technology, internet access gets faster and safer than ever. Browsing and downloading are now just a click away. With the fast internet service, people are using online platforms for residential and commercial use.

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet is a broadband connection; it gives an exceptional uplink and downlink speed. This connection can give you a smooth sail in the virtual world with low lag time.

You may want to use VR for online gaming or digital classes; this connection will make that happen. With the help of fiber-optic cable, this connection can offer you up to 100gbps.

What is 5G Internet?

The 5th generation mobile internet, 5G internet speed is 100 times faster than 4g internet. The 5G internet comes forth to connect everything and everyone to the virtual world.

What is the Difference Between Fiber and 5G Internet Service?

5G internet service is definitely a mind-blowing search for the 21st century. But it lacks many things compared to fiber, including speed, security, reach, and bandwidth. Fiber and 5G internet are vastly different in many factors, be it transmission mechanisms or services. The 5G internet uses radio waves to operate its services; your smart devices need to be in the coverage area of 5G towers to connect to the world.

Fiber optics use light to transmit data through the glass strands encased within the fiber optic cable. You need to connect your device to the fiber cable to enjoy the fast internet service. The point-to-point connection system of fibers needs to be connected to the device itself.

The construction and the rollout are also vastly different. Fiber broadband uses fiber cable lines across the city to reach your home, whereas 5G internet uses radio waves to reach you. However, the fiber cable is fed through conduits that reside underground. The entire wiring system is indeed a time and effort-consuming factor.

Broadband internet service is less costly compared to a 5G internet connection in the long run. For the installation of fiber, you need to spend more than getting a 5G connection. But 5G has higher operational costs. The maintenance charges of fiber cable are minimal, but you need to spend more to maintain a 5G connection.

The coverage issue is the biggest problem with 5G internet. A 5G radio wave can only travel a little more or less a hundred meters. This means that if you want to send data a long distance, there must be towers every couple hundred meters. And that's a major back draw of 5G internet.

On the other hand, fiber optic cable can transmit data some seventy kilometers without degradation. So, it can travel distances far greater than the 5G internet.

Here is a Breakdown of the Differences Between Fiber and 5G Internet:


Fiber Internet

5G Internet


Use the light to transmit data through fiber optics.

Uses 5G radio wave transmitting data.


The theoretical fiber internet speed is one petabit per sec. But the practical speed can reach up to 100 Gbps

The right signals can offer you a 20gbps downlink and 10gbps uplink.


Some 70 km is the coverage of fiber.

It can cover up to 100 meters with one tower.

Response time

Faster than 5G

Slower than fiber

Last mile

The last mile takes a lot of labor and money to lay.

It uses wireless as last mile technology, which can be rolled out concisely.

Rollout time

Is high

Is less


Highly expensive

Cheaper in the initial stage

Installation cost

Is higher than 5G

Lesser than fiber

Operational cost

Is very high

Very less

Which Makes More Sense?

Both of the connections are in their initial period, and both have a long way to go. But on the basis of data transfer, coverage/reach, and speed, fiber overwhelmed 5G internet. However, you need to spend more money on the installation of broadband, which will be less in the case of the internet.

Now you can decide which connection makes more sense to you.

Wrapping Up

Recently the 5G network launch in India and fiber broadband has become a topic of discussion. And you should know that fiber is better than 5G till now for residential and commercial use. If you are wondering which connection is fastest between fiber and 5G? You should know fiber is way faster than 5G and covers a long distance. You can enjoy up to 100gbps with a fiber connection. On the 5G internet, you can uplink in 10gbps and downlink in 20gbps, which makes fiber internet five times faster than 5G.

However, if connecting mechanical devices with the internet were the priority, then the story would have been different.

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