Why is Cyber Safety Important for Kids?

Hopefully, all of you are quite aware of the term ‘cybersecurity.’ Well, it is nothing but the decent practice of safeguarding networks, systems and programs from getting exposed to digital attacks.

The primary aim of cyberattacks is to change, access and destroy certain sensitive information, business processes etc.

To be honest, the internet is an extremely resourceful and useful tool; however, it can pose a great threat to young kids or children. That’s why focusing on cyber safety for kids is important; it will allow them to combat a wide range of challenges in an effortless manner.

Cybersecurity – Your digital security guard

With proper digital safety, you can now take a step toward protecting your security from different kinds of malicious digital cyber-attacks. Dealing with suspicious links, phishing emails, downloadable applications, or documents has never been easier before.

Gone are the days when the ‘bad guys’ out there were able to steal your information or expose you to the data breach.

For more information regarding internet safety, all you need to do is take a quick look at this article right away. The valuable insights and details will assist you in making the right kinds of decisions.

Let’s get started without any further ado!


What Are the Common Cyber Attack Threats and Methods?

The hackers often use some of the common cyber-attack threats and methods in order to get in touch with young children:

  • Connecting through chat applications
  • Malicious mobile applications and software
  • Connecting through social media applications
  • Malicious emails and phishing
  • Phishing and various other malicious websites
  • Text message phishing (SMS phishing or ‘smishing’)
  • Phishing links
  • Voice phishing (vishing) phone calls

The predators or cybercriminals decide these tactics, thus tricking the little kids into cyber-attack. However, putting an end to these kinds of situations is extremely crucial. Let’s pave the way toward learning the utmost importance of cyber safety for kids.


What Is the Importance of Cyber Safety for Kids?

As you already know, young teens and kids are quite vulnerable; harassing and exploiting them is as smooth as a cakewalk for predators. The different kinds of online hazards can be costly, severe and tragic; they can pave the way for a broad range of problems in no time.

For example, if a kid ends up downloading malware on their system, the cybercriminals can get access to their parent’s sensitive information and bank account details.

But, with proper cyber security protocols in place, you can now consider protecting your children from the following internet threats:

  • Cyberbullying

According to several studies, it is quite evident that the majority of children often deal with cyberbullying on these social media platforms. It is a common threat that can take place via email, text messages, social media, chat applications and online forums. Let’s check out some of the common cyberbullying tactics stated below:

  • Spreading rumors or lies
  • Posting hurtful or mean comments and images
  • Encouraging the kid to hurt themselves
  • Spreading private details that are related to the user in online spaces

Cyberbullying can affect children in various aspects; they might end up dealing with the following:

  • Poor grades
  • Concentration issues
  • Disturbances and mood changes
  • Anxiety issues
  • Failed relationships
  • Low self-esteem or depression

By abiding by the cyber security guidelines, you will get the scope of keeping your child absolutely secure!  

  • Doxing

Doxing is a mode of personal attack where the predator collects and posts sensitive and personal information without the permission of the child. The main aim behind this action is to threaten, harass or prank them.

However, these kinds of cyber threats come with long-lasting effects. It hampers the mental health and overall well-being of the kid quite immediately. Apart from that, doxing puts their financial, identity security and physical security at risk of attack.

  • Cyberstalking

When compared to cyberbullying, cyberstalking boosts the severity of the entire scenario to a whole new level.

Here, the bad guys use electronic communications to stalk the kid on online platforms. It typically involves social media, email, phone calls and text messages. Also, the predators tend to create online profiles in order to harass them.

In cyberstalking, the predators focus on creating emotional harm through threatening or harassing texts. This type of behavior can lead to obsession, unhealthy fixation, abduction or sextortion.

  • Credit Card Theft

Credit card theft usually affects older teens, who actually use these cards for their financial purposes. The hackers use messages and phishing emails to get access to their online accounts, thus stealing their credit card information and other personal details.

As a parent, you must pay attention to monitoring your child’s credit for the activity. You can also choose to freeze your account until a certain time period.

  • Blackmail Scams

The other name for blackmail scams is sextortion; it is one of the most common cyber threats that take place quite frequently.

Here, the cybercriminal plans a blackmail scheme where they speak volumes about some of the inappropriate pictures of the teen. They use such tactics as an approach to blackmail the teenagers.

Under such circumstances, these kids often find themselves in questionable situations; as a result, they end up doing certain activities that are not supposed to be done. This type of online threat can take place through email, chat applications and social media etc.

Sometimes, sextortion starts with sexting; they share private content, such as video and pictures, over computers, phones or various other devices. After that, the predators post the content and share it with their friends.

While information technology can be a great boon for life, there are several individuals who actually misuse IT to harass others.

This is exactly why gaining sound knowledge about cyber security is important. The various measures will not expose your child to these massive threats.


What Are the Different Cyber Safety Tips?

Now, let’s learn about some of the cyber safety tips at a quick glance:

  • Make sure to opt for a strong password
  • Don’t provide your financial information to the unauthentic sites
  • Take a look at the terms and conditions
  • Turn on two-factor authentication
  • Ensure to back up your data


Key Takeaway

Keeping your data absolutely safe and private must be one of your top priorities. Whether you are looking for workplace safety or children's safety, you can’t really deny the top-notch importance of cyber security.

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