6 Most Important Internet Safety Tips

Always Choose Strong Passwords: While creating a new password, ensure you read the password requirements. Enter passwords that are unique and complex so it will become harder for any cyber criminals to guess, like surnames, date of birth, etc. Lastly, change your password quite often. 

Always Open Secure Sites: This is a thumb rule that applies whether you are using unlimited home broadband plans at home or free WiFi at any café. Ensure the site starts with https or else it has a lock symbol on the URL. Avoid opening sites that are not secure or that are labelled as threats by anti-virus software. If you open such sites, it can lead to data theft. 

Always Purchase Online from Secure Sites: Never buy anything online using your account or card details from sites that are not SSL certified. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This certificate validates the website's identity and enables an encrypted connection, so you can make safe and secure payments online.

Always Keep Your Privacy Settings On:  Marketer’s and Hackers are interested in learning more about you. Based on your browsing history, they can both learn about you and create a profile about you. It is important that you always choose and set your privacy settings on your devices and online sites. By enabling privacy settings, you restrict access to personal information. It keeps tabs on your personal information that should and shouldn’t be shared with people outside of your privacy. So, ensure your privacy settings are always on.

Always Check That Your Internet Connection is Secure: The wireless routers provided by your internet service provider come with a generic username and password. It makes it easy for hackers to find information as the generic factory settings of a router are publicly available. So, ensure you never skip changing the router’s factory settings. Along with that, you should also change the default network name of your home Wi-Fi network. Broadband service providers like Tata Play Fiber provide free routers and installation and ensures that their customers get the internet settings updated during the time of installation for safe browsing.

Always check before you downloadIt’s always fun exploring new websites and downloading content. As you are careful when you do online shopping, you should take all the precautions while downloading files to your devices. Viruses come in many forms; they come through emails, free music downloading sites, and so on. Ensure you download from reputable sites and sources. Don’t just go behind free downloading links online, as it is quite tempting. Lastly, always scan for viruses before you download anything. 

The Internet has become a basic and integral part of our lives, and we cannot separate ourselves from it. Whether it is personal or business communication, everything revolves around the internet. While you spend money on the best internet plans, you should also ensure that you secure your internet connection for safe browsing. Keep these six internet safety rules in mind to avoid any unpleasant experience online. 

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