How Can You Check Your Internet Speed?

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Do you ever wonder how to check internet speed? Do you often feel frustrated because you need help finding a speed test site or can't find anything that works?

Well, we can understand.

When it comes to checking the speed of your Internet connection, there are many ways to do it, and trust us, there are many ways to do it.

You are not alone if your internet connection is slow or unable to connect to the internet at all. Many people suffer from slow broadband connections and are still trying to figure out what to do about it. Or they may need to learn how to check their speed, or they may not do it at all.

It is essential to test internet speed daily, knowing that it is important because you can easily get daily updates on how your internet connection is working or if there is a problem with it.

Many internet broadband providers will easily assist you in checking your internet speed; in some cases, you can even log into their website and find the option to check your speed, which is a quick solution.

But don't worry if you haven't accessed it; we've devised a few simple ways to check your internet speed in no time. Below are the listed ones.

What an Internet Speed Test Looks For?

A - What is Mbps?

The speed of a connection is measured in Mbps; it certainly stands for megabits per second. A connection capable of downloading at 512 kbps or above is fast enough to handle most activities, such as browsing the web, watching streaming videos, and downloading files.

Mbps is used to measure internet speed in digital communications. It tells you how quickly data moves between two devices over a network. The higher the Mbps number, the faster your Internet connection will be.

The main factor affecting your speed is the distance between your modem and router (or other equipment). The farther apart these two pieces of hardware are, the fewer data can travel between them before it has to be retransmitted. A 10 Mbps connection will work much slower than one with a 1 Gbps speed because more hops are involved. If you have an older modem released before 2010, you may have difficulty streaming HD videos on Netflix or YouTube using a 5 Mbps connection. This could take up to 20 minutes or more, depending on where you live on Earth.

B - Download Speed

Megabits per second are used to measure download speed (Mbps). It's what happens when your device transfers data from the internet to a computer or other device. The faster this speed, the faster you can download things like movies and music; it's a key factor in determining how smooth your experience will be when streaming video or playing games online.

Although extremely fast connections are measured in gigabits per second, it is generally measured in a second (Mbps) (Gbps). Internet speed is crucial when implementing the system or viewing high-definition video.

C - Upload Speed

The rate at which data is transferred from your computer to the internet is referred to as your upload speed. It's usually slower than the download speed, but it can also be faster than the download speed.

For example: If you're downloading a file and it takes 5 minutes to download but only 1 minute for that same file to arrive at its destination (i.e., the server). That would mean that your upload speeds are 67% of what they were when downloading the same file.

Upload speed is important if you download or stream a lot of data from the internet, such as when playing games online.

If your upload speed is slow, it can make it difficult for other people on your network to play with you because they'll have to wait for you to finish uploading before they can join in.

D - Latency

Latency is the delay in receiving data. It's affected by distance and internet traffic, but most of all, latency is measured in milliseconds. A lower number means that your connection is faster and more reliable.

The reason latencies matter so much is simple: they affect how quickly you can download files or stream videos online and how quickly you can send email attachments or initiate voice calls over Skype (also known as calling).

While you check internet speed, know that Latency is also important for gaming because it affects the speed of your connection. Higher latency means you'll experience lag and delays in response time when playing multiplayer games online. If you play games like Fortnite or COD, then this should be a major concern for you.

Which Websites are Considered for Speed Tests

1 - Ookla's Speed Test

One of the most popular ways to test internet speed is Ookla, which enjoys a good reputation and has one of the most convenient speed test apps available online. The ability to view your speed test history, connect to a wide range of services, and even download a handy app for speed testing from any device, including Android and iOS, are all features that ookla has, despite its popularity.

You can test your internet routers using Ookla's speed test to ensure they work properly. Furthermore, Okla has done a commendable job of keeping up with the times by consistently adding new updates and acquiring new capabilities.

Additionally, it now has a video-specific speed test feature that can be used to test your network's capacity to handle 4K video streams. With the aid of Ookla, you can test your internet speed on television and use its apps to run on Windows or a laptop.

2 - is another excellent broadband test, and its user interface is as simple and uncomplicated. However, one of its most cherished advantages is that Netflix owns it. Amazing, huh? But if this is the case, is a fantastic option for online streamers.

The interface of, another excellent broadband test, is as simple and uncomplicated as it gets. However, the fact that Netflix owns it is one of its greatest benefits. Although it may initially seem strange, this makes it a great choice for online streamers. The test determines whether your connection is powerful enough to stream Netflix at its highest resolution without load times.

3 - Speed Of. me is the best option if you're looking for something that offers consistency and speed. The best feature is that it's mobile-friendly, as it will allow you great way to run tests from virtually anywhere. The test interface does a fantastic job of displaying variations in your upload and download speeds, much like ookla.

However, over time, it might become clearer when there is a problem with your internet connection, especially since lets you compare your results to those from earlier tests.

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Over to You Now

We hope you now have much more clarity on performing a speed test to check your internet broadband speed. Understand that the ISP determines the internet speed you select; the best ISP will ensure that your internet speeds never drop and will provide you with the best results.

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