How to Know If your Internet Router is Bad?

How to Know If your Internet Router is Bad?

Internet connection has become one of the most important parts of everyone's daily life these days. It won’t be wrong to say that it has seeped into our lives and has made itself an unmissable part of our daily routines. The current situation of the world is such that nothing can be done without an internet connection.

Nowadays, most of all the appliances in a home are connected to the internet for proper working. The internet speed has also evolved a lot from the late 2G to 4G (an average home internet speed) or even 5G.

The highest internet speed achieved so far worldwide is around 319 terabits per second. Internet speed is one of the important concerns of many people these days for different reasons.<p>

This is where a router comes in.

What is an Internet Router?

An Internet router is a device mainly used to create Wi-Fi from the modem that is connected to it. It allows all the wired and wireless devices (like computers, phones, tablets, etc.) in your house to use an internet connection by creating a connection between them.

Currently, there are two kinds of routers - a wireless router and a wired router. Both of them serve the same purpose, which is to provide an internet connection to all the devices in a house.

While using a wired router, you will have to connect every appliance with the router using an ethernet cable. On the other hand, an internet wireless router can provide an internet connection to other devices via ethernet cables or Wi-Fi.

Now let’s move on to learn about ways to check if the internet router is working properly or no.

Tips to Know Whether your Internet Router is Bad:

  • Internet Speed of the RouterThe primary reason for you to use a router is to get an internet connection with good speed. So, if you find that your router is not providing the maximum speed, then there are chances that it is getting worse. A bad internet connection with less speed can be noticed easily; thus, it can be considered a reminder for you to change the router.
  • Problems in Connecting to the Network (Provided by the Router)Sometimes, you can face certain issues in connecting with the Wi-Fi connection provided by the Wi-Fi router. You will not be able to connect to the network, even if it is shown in the available network list (mainly on mobiles and laptops).
  • Fails to Provide a Good Network RangeThe average operating range of an internet router is around 2.4 GHz (5 GHz for some routers), which is approximately 46m indoors and 92m outdoors. Thus, if you are not getting enough network coverage within a specified distance from an internet router, then it has become bad or is having some issues.
  • Frequent Network DropsFrequent network drops are another reason which shows the bad condition of an internet router. Both the wireless routers as well as fiber routers can create such issues if it is in bad shape. Frequent network drops can create many troubles if you are working on something important (which requires continuous internet speed). Thus, it is always better to change internet routers with such problems.
  • The Router Fails to Turn on or Provide an Internet ConnectionWhen the condition of the internet router is very bad, it will surely stop working and will not turn on at all. Even restarting won't work with such routers if it is completely out of order.
  • A Change in LED Lights Indicates the Internet Router Modem: Most all internet routers possess LED lights to show different signs regarding the internet connection and speed. If the lights on the router are blinking perfectly, as always, then it is working well. If lights show some difference with indication lights for failure (indicates that the internet router is not working properly and is having certain issues), then the time has arrived to change the router.

 LED Light Indication in a Modem (In Common):<h3>

  • Frequent blinking of the lights or if the lights go off – the internet router is going to die (or is already dead).
  • Only a few LED lights are lit – the internet router is getting bad (failing to provide internet).
  • If the LED lights get dimmer – the time has arrived to get a new router.
  • Devices such as mobile reconnect to the network repeatedly.
  • The router is too old (more than 5 years)
  • Issues like overheating

All these issues are common with routers, but to get maximum efficiency, you must opt for the best fiber routers so that they will last longer than your expected.

To Sign Off: This blog contains some points that will help you check whether your router is in a bad condition. Such a diagnosis can help you resolve Broadband Internet Services issues. The primary purpose of using a router is to obtain a fast Internet connection. A slow connection can serve as a reminder to replace the router. When the internet router’s condition is very poor; it will cease functioning and refuse to turn on. If such a router is completely inoperable, even a restart will not fix it; you must change it.

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