How To Make an Internet Connection Stable and Faster?

How To Make an Internet Connection Stable and Faster?

Today’s impatient digital user demands a blazing fast internet speed. But is it always possible? Well, we say, “Why Not?”

Let’s see how!

Internet speed – how to boost it?

The number of internet users is increasing daily, and growing traffic and many other issues affect internet speed. Many users are complaining and trying to find ways to resolve this problem. If the speed issue source is the provided server, you may not be able to help speed up the connection.

However, if the connection shows problems unrelated to the source server, you can do several things to improve your internet connection. Some tips and tricks are written below for you to use to enhance your internet speed.

Consider your Internet Plan

Most of you face the dilemma of how to increase the internet speed. Before improving your internet with tech tweaks, you should recheck your current internet plan. Because sometimes speed is often limited by your provider's package. Begin by reviewing the speed for which you've signed up; your needs may have evolved since the initial subscription.

Contact your provider to discuss upgrades or packages better suited to your current use. This can be an easy way to increase internet speed. Knowing the details of your internet plan helps you set realistic speed and performance expectations.

Reset or Restart Your Router and Modem

When using a Wireless connection, you need to understand that your server provides an internet connection based on the time period. The longer you log in or connect to the internet, the more speed will likely decrease.

But you can resolve the problem; you only need to restart or switch off the router for a few minutes and switch it on again after some time.

The router automatically deletes the history and cache of your internet users. Sometimes the router gets heated, and that causes lag in internet connections. And switching off can resolve the problem, and you will be able to use your internet service again at full throttle.

Adjust the Router Antennas

You can adjust your router to improve your internet speed if it has external antennas. Sometimes your router antennas cannot catch and disseminate the wavelength for more incredible speed.

So, you can adjust them manually, and maybe your internet issues will be resolved.

Clear the Cache and Browse History

Some internet server logs all the details of your internet users, and you need to delete that history manually. Also, the router and source tend to log all the cache, and that can cause lag in your internet connection. Hence, you can improve your internet speed by clearing the cache manually.

Adjust Your Internet Plan

Sometimes you face slow internet connections due to the mode of your internet plan. So, you can change your internet speed by upgrading your internet plan. Take a high-speed and unlimited plan, and you will enjoy the unbothered connection speed.

Check the Data Capacity

Generally, the ISP puts a data cap on your daily use, and your internet speed will automatically decrease after consuming the provided data. You can solve this problem by contacting your ISP and asking them to reset the capacity. This will help you to use your internet at full throttle. However, shifting to a larger data cap can increase the expense.

Virus Protection

Many times, the internet speed decreases due to malicious files in your system. When you are online, you are open to unknown sources that easily attack your system and slow down your processing system. In such a case, you can use an antivirus application to protect your system against viruses, and your internet speed will be improved.

Also, you need to ensure that your system’s wall defender and wall protection are up to date. This will help you to keep the system clean and improve your internet speed.

Update Your Web Browser

Web browser versions played an important role in internet speed. If you are using an outdated web browser version, you may face slow internet connectivity or lag in processing any work. So, keep the web browser up to date to enjoy the high internet speed.

Use Ad Blocker

Ad consumes a lot of data and causes lag in your general browsing. So, you can use an ad blocker to enjoy seamless internet connectivity. You can buy or use a free version for this purpose. You can find effective ad blocker sites on various online sites.

Change the Location of The Router

To check internet connection stability, one of the easiest but overlooked steps is to position your router effectively. Sometimes the placement of the router can cause slow internet connectivity. The router cannot receive the frequency and cannot provide promised internet speed. You can relocate the router to a place where it can get the full frequency and provide the best service. You can call the ISP to do that and ask them to check the internet speed after placing the router. Implementing these measures will optimise your WiFi’s performance, helping to eliminate obstacles and enhance your internet speed boost.

Use a WiFi Extender or Booster

WiFi extender or booster enhance internet reliability by amplifying your router’s signal and rebroadcasting it to areas with weak coverage. Placement is crucial, ideally halfway between the router and the area needing a stronger signal.

When choosing a device, consider its compatibility with your router and supported WiFi standards. Multiple units can be used to ensure smooth connectivity in larger properties, eliminating dead zones and creating a robust internet connection throughout your home.

Add a Password to Your WiFi

Adding a password to your WiFi doesn’t directly increase the network speed. However, it does prevent unauthorised users from accessing your network. If many devices are connected to your WiFi, they can consume a significant portion of your bandwidth, slowing down the internet speed for other devices.

Hence, Securing your WiFi with a robust password is crucial to prevent unauthorised access and bandwidth theft, which can slow your internet. Use your router’s admin interface to set a complex password, ideally using WPA3 security. Regularly updating your password enhances speed and security.

Change the Channel or Band

Switching WiFi channels or frequency bands can also boost internet speed. WiFi operates on 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, with the latter being faster and less crowded. Use tools to identify congested channels and switch to less crowded ones for optimal performance.

Modern routers can automatically select the least congested channel and band in real-time, ensuring efficient WiFi and avoiding interference that can slow your connection. Proactive management of these settings keeps your internet fast and reliable.

Limit the Connected Device

The number of connected devices results in decreasing internet speed. You need to ensure that the connected device is limited; you must check if there are extra connected devices that are not in use at that time. Disconnecting extra devices can improve the internet speed rapidly. The router conserves a limit for any device, even if it is not at work. So, it would help if you disconnected when you face lag in your connectivity.

Check For Unwanted Guest

There are some sites where many unknown devices connect to your internet, slowing down your connectivity. So, you need to go to the internet server site and take a look at the setting where you can check if there are any unwanted guests. It would help if you restricted them from using the connection.

Use an Ethernet Cables

Another answer on how to improve net speed is to use ethernet cables. Offering a big advantage,  they are designed for devices that need unwavering speed and reliability. These wires beat the limits of ordinary WiFi. An ethernet cable links your device to the internet router, giving a stronger and more reliable connection. It's great for activities that use a lot of bandwidth, including online gaming, ultra-high-definition streaming, and high-stakes video conferencing.

Further, new ethernet cable standards, like Cat 8, increase the possibility of faster speeds and less delay. Mobility is not a primary concern in these setups.

Check the Wire of The Cable Connection

Sometimes internet speed can decrease due to the cable connected to your router. You need to check if the ethernet is correctly connected to the router. Sometimes wire quality affects the internet speed, so you need to make sure to use the best quality cable for the connection.

Replace the Router or Modem

Routers and modems can also affect the speed of the internet. The router can catch high bandwidth and provide better connection and speed. So, you may have to replace your current router or modem to improve your internet speed.

Check the Setting and Configuration of the Internet Connection

The last step for how to make internet speed faster involves changing your WiFi network's settings.You can check if your internet is appropriately configured to provide you with the required internet speed. You can limit or change the internet speed in your server setting. Ask your ISP to help you with your internet configuration.

Summing Up

We hope the guide has helped you find solutions to the challenging questions of "how to make network faster" and "how to check stability of internet connection". Integral to our routines, a stable internet connection is indispensable for many activities, spanning from work to leisure. Thus, the provided tips are straightforward and efficient, crafted to aid you in optimising your internet experience and ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for all your tasks and leisure pursuits.

If you're still dealing with annoying lags and disruptions after trying the tips we shared, consider Tata Play Fiber, which aims to offer hassle-free internet services with smooth, lag-free WiFi. Because who wants to put up with buffering and delays while browsing? Stay tuned and visit Tata Play Fiber if you are considering a switch from your current service provider.

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