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Online gaming has quickly become among the most popular activities across continents as a way to unwind and escape from reality. Millions of people log in to online games, connecting with their friends digitally via the multiplayer mode. India alone represents a ₹167 Bn online gaming market, with the country housing half a billion gamers by 2025.

Losing an online match due to inadequate skill or playing against a stronger opponent is one thing. However, losing due to poor Internet for gaming is the last thing online gamers would want.

Gamers' greatest foes are slow, unstable gaming internet speeds and a lagging connection. But you can easily overcome these obstacles with the best gaming broadband in India.

Factors Affecting Internet Speed and Gaming

These factors determine how good your Internet for gaming is:

Download Speed

Game-related content, such as game updates, patches, or downloadable content (DLC) play a crucial role for online gamers. Download speed is a crucial factor in determining how quickly these online gaming essentials can be accessed, downloaded and stored in the local devices. Download speed is typically measured in megabits per second (Mbps) or gigabits per second (Gbps).

Upload Speed

Upload speed is how quickly your device sends back information to the gaming server and other players in real-time, measured in Mbps and Gbps. Multiple gaming-related activities like live streaming, multiplayer gaming, and voice chat rely on upload speeds.

Network Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the maximum rate at which data flows over a network. Higher bandwidth allows faster data transfer, crucial for downloading game updates, patches, and content. It is less critical for online gaming responsiveness than latency but contributes to an overall smoother experience.


Latency is the frustrating delay between your input and movement in the game. Also called lag, it measures round-trip time (RTT) - how long a data packet (bundle of information) flows from your web-browsing device to the Internet for gaming and then back to your device. A ping program measures your latency, generally expressed in microseconds (ms).

Let's say you are playing BGMI with your friends. The time you click the shoot button and the server registering the shot is latency. The higher the latency, the more difficult it is to hit your opponents accurately.


Jitter refers to how much your latency varies over time. This tiny change in tempo makes a massive difference in your gameplay. Higher jitter results in irregularities in latency, causing technical glitches, inconsistent responsiveness, and voice chat issues.

Packet Loss

Packet loss occurs when your server's data packets fail to reach their intended destination on time. As such, the data packet gets lost in the sea of networks. It either never reaches there, or it is late if it does. Gamers experience sluggish performance and network outages due to packet loss.

While packet loss impacts any application, real-time gaming programs that depend highly on packet processing are more prone to it. The acceptable packet loss rate for online gaming is at most 0.5%.

Router Performance

Regarding hardware-related problems, your router may be the key culprit. Old or outdated routers need help processing the data they receive. This leads to a queuing delay: a queue of data packets waiting to be processed, which further causes increased latency levels. Upgrading to a modern router can solve this issue; request one from your Internet service provider (ISP) or purchase one yourself.

Recommended Internet Speeds for Different Gaming Platforms

For Console Gaming

The best Internet speed for gaming and streaming online via consoles varies based on the specific requirements of the games and the gaming platform. Here are some general recommended gaming Internet speeds on popular gaming consoles for smooth gaming experiences:


  • Minimum upload speed: 0.5 Mbps
  • Recommended download speed: At least 20 Mbps and 5GHz Wi-Fi or mobile data connection

Nintendo Switch

  • Minimum upload speed: 1 Mbps
  • Recommended download speed: 40 Mbps


  • Minimum upload speed: 1 Mbps
  • Recommended download speed: 50-100 Mbps

For PC Gaming

  • Minimum upload speed: 1 Mbps
  • Recommended download speed: 20 Mbps

PC games are some of the most compute-heavy programs, given their complex mechanics, advanced graphics, and real-time gameplay. Clocking the recommended download speeds for PC gaming is necessary to download extensive updates, game files, and patches. Plus, you can stream your live gameplay through platforms, including Facebook Gaming, Twitch, and GeForce Now.

With this gaming Internet speed, you can experience minimal loading times and smooth gameplay despite high graphical requirements.

Essential Considerations for Choosing India's Premier Gaming Broadband Service

No matter what type of online gamer you are, consider these things while searching for the best broadband connection for gamers in India.

ADSL vs. Fiber

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) broadband uses traditional copper phone lines to establish an Internet connection.

Fiber broadband either comes as Fiber to the Premises (FTTP), whereby fully fiber-optic wires deliver Internet for gaming directly to your home, or Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC), which combines Fiber and copper cables.

So, between Fiber and ADSL, fiber-optic cables emerge as the winner in online gaming. They transmit data using light signals, resulting in high-speed Internet for gaming and low latency for an equal or even slightly higher price than ADSL. Moreover, it is the only current Internet technology that provides true Gbps (GIG) Internet packages that deliver a gig almost every time.

Wired or Wireless Broadband Connection

What do you need for online gaming? Superfast Internet speeds and low latency.

The biggest sell for wireless broadband connection – Wi-Fi – lets you take your game with you and enjoy it from multiple locations as long as you are within its radar. Sure, you can access lobbies via Wi-Fi and experience good Internet for gaming. However, wireless broadband connections are not immune to signal hiccups. Moreover, you are more likely to grapple with lags, longer loading times, and slower speeds while updating and downloading game files.

A wired broadband connection – Ethernet – is a better choice for gaming as there is a direct, wired connection. Hence, data travels from your web-browsing device to the server and back to the device without anything obstructing its path. Plus, you can milk maximum gaming Internet speed and minimum latency more cost-effectively than Wi-Fi.

Lightning-fast Internet Speeds

For Downloading

You need two primary installation steps to set up an online game: installing the game and installing its updates. While you do not need gigabit-speed Internet for gaming, having the fastest Internet speeds possible allows for rapid game updating, which is nice when you are ready to play.

Above all, faster download speeds mean you are less likely to experience interruption during online gaming when others in the house are busy online. So, the best Internet providers for gaming offer download speeds fast enough for updates and total game installs.

For Uploading

Some gamers upload their game footage on YouTube or stream live on platforms like Google Stadia. If this is you, consider good upload speeds when looking for the best broadband for gaming in India. Quick upload speeds ensure you can get your gaming content up quickly and not face latency issues while gaming.

Low Latency

If you are a hardcore gamer looking for smooth gameplay, you want the lowest latency possible. High latency results in a lag between when you input your skill shot and when it launches toward the enemy players.

Generally, a good latency for gaming is below 100 ms to keep your gaming running. However, pick the service provider that offers the best broadband for low ping (lower than 50 ms).

Data Caps

All ISPs in India have different data caps. When you hit your data cap, your ISP will throttle your data speeds or cut off your data until the next billing cycle.

Physical copies of online games need digital updates, which can be pretty hefty. You get data even if you are playing online and sending data. All that data adds up and chips away at your monthly limit.

So, if you are a heavy gamer, choose a provider without data allowances or high data limits.

Closing Remarks

We all know the worst part of gaming is "laaag." Gamers need good internet speeds for gaming, without a doubt. But more importantly, they need fast ping and rock-solid reliability.

A reliable and high-speed Internet for gaming helps minimize disruptions and reduce latency and lag time. Solid Internet gaming speed is even more vital as games get more sophisticated, like in fast-paced first-person shooters (FPS), including Split Gate, Back 4 Blood, and Resident Evil Village.

Understanding the factors affecting the Internet for gaming will help you make informed decisions about picking the best broadband connection for gamers in India. That way, you can play online games with multiple players without interruptions or frustrating lags.


1. Which broadband is best for gaming?

Fibre-optic cables offer high-quality Internet for gaming owing to their fast speeds and low latency. Look for ISPs with low ping rates, ample bandwidth, and minimal packet loss for optimal gaming experiences.

2. Which Internet is best for gaming in India?

The best broadband connection for gaming in India provides plans with high upload/download speeds, low latency, high data caps, and minimal packet loss. Choose a wired (Ethernet) connection for stability throughout your gameplay.

3. Which network type is best for gaming?

Gamers tend to prefer a wired (Ethernet) connection over wireless (Wi-Fi) network for achieving optimal gaming experiences. Wired connections offer lower latency, comparatively better stability, and reduced packet loss, and a smoother gaming experience. While Wi-Fi can be suitable, especially with modern routers and strong signals, a wired connection is the most reliable choice for gamers, who take their games quite seriously.

4. Is 500 Mbps speed good for gaming?

500 Mbps is more than enough gaming Internet speed, even if you are live streaming. Such a solid connection lets you challenge your friends or online gamers worldwide without the frustration of lag time or a slow connection. Plus, you can download data and compute-heavy games faster.

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