6 Reasons Why Broadband is Preferable to Mobile Hotspots

6 Reasons Why Broadband is Preferable to Mobile Hotspots

Indians have been using 4G mobile data for a while now due to a growing need for the internet for business, education, and leisure purposes. But as new technologies in wired broadband connectivity have emerged, many heavy internet users have started to favour them over mobile data networks. Due to the numerous benefits of a broadband internet connection, many homes and workplaces have started to choose this new and enhanced technology, a fiber optic broadband connection.

When it comes to consistency in performance, cost-benefit, and superior speed, broadband connections excel, but 4G takes the lead in terms of mobility. However, even if users connect numerous devices to the same network, a large percentage of consumers will be more than satisfied with a 200 MBps or 100 MBps broadband fiber package.

The only factor contributing to its enormous popularity is its fast data transfer rates. So let's examine how this novel technology functions. 

1 What is the Process of Fiber Optic Broadband?

High-speed internet connectivity is referred to by the term "broadband." There are several ways that broadband differs from dial-up internet access. Broadband services allow for a faster rate of data transport. One of the main aspects that people consider when choosing a broadband connection is speed. It provides you with a better speed as compared to a wireless connection. Additionally, it contains more data, which enables customers to download big files more quickly.

A broadband network is a more constant, dependable, and secure alternative to wireless connectivity. Live gaming and other demanding jobs can be streamed in 4K without issues. Users that subscribe to unlimited subscriptions are not constrained in any way.

A broadband internet connection employs a modem, which translates signals from a fiber optic cable and makes them readable for your computer if they are physically connected. The signal is transmitted wirelessly all around you if you are utilising a wireless router or modem. As a result, you can easily connect your laptop or mobile device to this Wi-Fi connection and take advantage of the extremely fast 5G internet access. 

2 Why Does Broadband Outperform Mobile Data?

A broadband internet connection has many benefits compared to your typical mobile broadband data network. Many mobile data plans only enable you to download 1-4 GB of data each day, after which you must purchase more data packs from your mobile service provider. Suppose you've used your mobile data hotspot to meet your entire family's internet requirements. In that case, you may have realised that the slow download rates and data consumption cap can seriously hamper work and leisure. 

In addition, while broadband plans give you access to a high-speed broadband internet connection, most mobile data plans available today operate on 4G networks. With such a broadband connection, you can take advantage of limitless high-speed downloads at any time of day without worrying about using too much bandwidth, even during busy times. 

Additionally, each linked device limits the bandwidth available to the other connected devices when numerous devices are connected to a mobile hotspot. You can connect up to 60 devices simultaneously with a broadband internet connection.

Therefore, let's explore the benefits of fiber optic broadband and learn why you should switch to a fiber broadband internet connection as soon as possible.

3 Benefits of a Fiber-Optic Broadband Connection

A dedicated line on a fiber optic connection allows for greater bandwidth and faster speeds. Now let's examine the vast array of benefits that you and your family can get from a solid and dependable broadband internet connection:

3.1 Convenience 

The main benefit of a broadband internet connection over a mobile data connection is eliminating the need to constantly move around your home in search of the location with the fastest data transfer rates. You may utilise the Fiber broadband connection from any location in your home to access high-speed internet whenever you want. 

3.2 Connection to Many Gadgets

Multiple devices can be connected to the fiber broadband connection without affecting their download and upload speeds. Another benefit of having a broadband internet connection is avoiding the daily stress of constantly recharging your mobile phone. 

3.3 Speed

The faster internet speeds provided by a broadband connection are among its most important benefits. 25 to 100 Mbps download, and upload speeds are possible with broadband internet. Furthermore, these rates can reach 1 Gbps if you use a fiber optic internet connection like broadband! Therefore, with fiber broadband, a two-hour movie will download in just 4 minutes as opposed to the 30 to 40 minutes it would take using mobile internet. 

3.4 Trustworthiness

A broadband internet connection is also very dependable and offers constant internet speeds. Such a connection does not abruptly drop out, stopping a download that is in progress or leaving your screen loading while streaming your favourite television show. On the other hand, your mobile data connection may occasionally face bandwidth congestion, which will lower the resolution and degrade your streaming experience. To avoid such blunders, broadband uses a fiber optic cable to deliver free internet speeds. 

3.5 Excellent Streaming

A fast and reliable internet connection is essential for consumers who use OTT platforms to improve their entertainment experience. The ability to stream in the ultra-high definition is one of the benefits of having a broadband internet connection. With this connection, you may stream content concurrently to numerous HD and 4K resolutions devices. 

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3.6 Playing With Little Lag

Fiber optic broadband is preferable since it is more dependable and unaffected by environmental factors. It doesn't start up suddenly and offers constant, steady speeds. Gamers benefit most from broadband connections because there is no delay or buffering. In contrast, bandwidth congestion might result in slower speeds and worse resolution when using a mobile hotspot. Gamers always favour a broadband internet connection above any other kind of internet connection when playing online multiplayer games, thanks to the broadband benefit. That is because a fiber optic broadband connection enables you to play video games at the highest frame rates possible while maintaining low latency. 


Given the high speed and volume of data that a broadband connection offers, it is a very cost-effective alternative to select. Given the incredible benefits of a fast fiber-optic broadband internet connection, it's time to look at the options available in addition to your capped mobile data plans and poor 4G speeds.

A more advanced, intelligent, and reliable internet experience is just a broadband fiber connection away. Contact Tata Play Fiber today!

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