Why is Your Internet Slow? Here are the Causes

In the world we live in, it is quite important that one must have access to a great internet connection no matter where one lives. Slow internet speed can cause one to lose their business or even create major inconveniences in one's lifestyle.

If you run a home-based business or work from your home, it is necessary that you must get access to high-speed business. Your internet speed can also greatly impact your productivity. It might not seem like a major issue, but in today's world, it can hamper your quality and means of lifestyle.

If you are experiencing slow internet speed, then there can be several reasons that are causing it. In such cases, it is very important that you must get to the bottom of the reason and quickly get it fixed.

Here is a brief rundown of all the reasons that might interfere with your internet speed: 

  • Your Wi-Fi is not Perfect

The first list of orders is that you must ensure that your computer is connected to a wired Ethernet Cord. This is important to ensure due to. When there is a wired system, it is a closed system where all the variables can be controlled. If it is a wireless system, then it also indicates an open system where the performances are constantly in change.

  • Your router is not up to the mark

Now that you have made sure your Wi-fi is perfect, it is also important that you ensure that your router is of top-notch Quality. A cheap quality router will also function. But when you buy the best quality and the top-quality router, the performance it will provide is unbeatable.

When you purchase a good quality router, you will make an investment in a worthy item that also provides you with the best Internet speed. The speed connection of your internet partially depends on the router you have.

  • Learn About the Mbps

When you are having trouble with a slow internet connection, you might often come across the term ‘Mbps’. The term Mbps is linked with the internet connection speed that you receive. Therefore, if you are experiencing a slow internet connection, it is important that you must conduct a speed test for the internet connection that you receive.

 When you conduct a speed test for the internet connection you receive, you will be acknowledged with the actual rate of speed for the internet connection for your home.

  • Not enough Horsepower

When you conduct a speed test for your internet connection, you will know the real Mbps for your internet speed. This test will also help you to determine what is the actual speed that you will require for your home to get a stable internet speed.

If there are too many devices connected to your Wi-Fi or multiple people streaming music or videos from the same internet connection, this will also make your internet connection lag. Therefore, in such cases, if you have a minimum balance of Mbps, it will not work. You will need to level up on the Mbps to make your internet connection suitable for multiple uses and still provide the best speed.

  • Get access to a better plan

There is a great deal of connection between the package or plan you access with your internet connection. If you are encountering a slow internet connection and the Mbps is low, then it is time to ramp up your game and invest in a better plan. If you are wondering how, you can fix slow internet, then it is time that you contact your service provider and pitch in for a better package or a plan.

  • Overloaded channels

 It is also possible that it is not the problem with your internet connection most of the time. It can also be caused by an overcrowded channel. When you access a channel, or a website that has too many visitors, on several occasions, the website crashes or delays its productivity. Therefore, on such events, you might experience slow performance.

Download a network analyzer to know whether you are operating in an overcrowded channel.

  • Time to reset your modem

If you are receiving slow internet speed, it can also be a problem with your modem. Therefore, in such cases, it is best that you reset your modem and router. Try turning your modem off and then switching it on again.

It is also possible that your device might be having a hardware problem; therefore, before you blame it on the internet connection, it is vital that you check the Internet speed on other devices.

  • Bad setup for your Wi-Fi

It is always suggested that you must strategically place your router. Set up your router in a place that is easily accessible and not just in a closed corner. When you set up your router in a closed corner, this might affect your internet connection.

Therefore, by changing the location of your router, you can remarkably improve your internet speed. Try out several locations before you choose the perfect place for your router.

  • Interference with other devices

It is quite possible that there are other devices that are connected to your Internet connection that are interfering with the speed you are receiving. Check out the number of devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi system.

If there are more than three devices, there are possible chances that it might seriously affect the internet speed you are receiving. This is one of the major reasons that can affect your internet speed.

Wrapping Up

If your business is getting hampered due to slow internet speed, then it is time to get your Wi-Fi checked. There can be several possible reasons why your internet might be lagging. Go through the article to get familiar with a few of the most common reasons for internet speed lagging at your Home Wi-Fi.

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