How Does Fiber Connect to My House?

Fiber optic connection is a trendsetting internet access technique prevalent in today’s times. It serves immense value to many people and companies who need continuous uptime. Imagine if you are on a work-from-home Zoom call with clients, and the internet connection drops off suddenly. It won't be a pleasant experience at all.

A high-speed Fiber optic connection helps you avoid such unsavory situations. Due to its ability to extend the service by providing an internet connection to a distant place, it has become popular these days. Fiber optic connection also holds several other benefits like stable and high internet speed.

Even though many people are using fiber optic internet in their homes, they are not aware of its connection. Knowing how fiber connects to your house will surely help you in different ways. With a good knowledge of the working of fiber internet connection, you will be able to detect all kinds of issues. It can also help you make small changes to increase the network speed in certain cases.

What is a Fiber Broadband Connection?

Fiber broadband connection or fiber-optic connection is high-speed broadband that uses fiber optic cables to transmit data. Fiber optics are much faster and better than standard copper cables. Thus, this broadband connection can reach speeds of up to a whopping 940 Megabits per second.

It is a method of data transfer in which light signals are used to provide an internet connection. Mainly, there are two types of fiber cable internet, FTTC broadband, and FTTP broadband.

  • FTTC Broadband – connects your house with an intermediaryIn FTTC broadband connection, a cabinet will be connected to the telecom exchange with fiber-optic cables. It involves an intermediary cabinet from where coaxial or copper cables will be used to connect it to your house. Thus, it is a broadband connection that consists of fiber-optic cables (the maximum), and copper or coaxial cables.
  • FTTP or FTTP Broadband - direct connection to your homeFTTP broadband, on the other hand, consists of fiber-optic cables that run into your house and is directly connected to the modem and the router. It does not involve an intermediary like the other.
  • FTTN- FTTN is a type of broadband connection in which hundreds of customers will be provided with an internet connection from a node (within a one-mile radius) by using existing telephone lines and cables.

How is Fiber Connected to your House?

The fiber-optic cables from the fiber connection services in my area can reach the house underground or through aerial methods (like an aerial pole). The fiber cable will enter your house mostly through the place provided for existing cable lines or telephone lines.

The data passes through the fiber cables with great speed to your house, providing a much more reliable internet connection. By purchasing a broadband plan or connection the service provider will provide all the necessary accessories that are required to set up the connection. It also includes ONT – Optical Network Terminal, which is used to convert optic signals coming through the cables to signals that are suitable for the router.

By taking a fiber internet provider near me, there is nothing that you should do, because they will provide even the routers and the extenders required for your house. The fiber broadband set up inside the house is as follows.

  1. The fiber-optic cable that enters your house will be directed to a fiber router. The router will be connected with a fiber-optic modem to provide an internet connection to all devices in your home.
  2. To get fiber internet, the optic cables will be attached to the optic cable port of the fiber-optic modem.
  3. The modem will be then attached to a router, and you can use ethernet cables to connect different devices like computers. Once connected to the router, all those devices will be able to access the internet. Wi-Fi routers offer wireless internet connection which avoids the need for any ethernet cables.

What are the works, a technician (of broadband service provider) and you should do for setting up a fiber broadband connection?

  1. Provide a pathway through which you are planning to allow the fiber-optic cables to your house. Then the technician will install the ONT for converting the signals from the fiber-optic cables.
  2. The technician will connect the ONT to power, and then uses wires or other cables to connect it with the router. Once this is done, your home is connected with high-speed fiber broadband.
  3. After setting up the connection the technician will test the signal strength with a Wi-Fi scan and checks whether any extenders are needed to improve the network coverage. Your job during that time is to find dead spots in the house (if any).
  4. Technicians will use extenders wherever necessary and you can connect all the devices to the fiber-optic network. Then the technicians will ensure the working of all the devices that are connected to the fiber connection internet.

Summing Up

Using a fiber optic connection can be so much useful, as it provides a high-speed internet connection. It will offer a completely stable internet connection so that you will not face any troubles. Many people do not know how fiber broadband is connected to your house and here you can find all those information in detail.

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