• Fiber optic cable internet

    In the fast-paced realm of internet connectivity, the choice between Fiber Internet and DSL becomes a pivotal decision. Each technology comes with its own set of advantages, and making an informed decision depends on individual needs and priorities. Dive into the intricate details of Fiber Internet and DSL, comparing their architectures, speeds, and reliability to be guided towards the optimal choice.

    Rahul Nambiar | Tata Play Fiber By Rahul Nambiar | 30th November 2023
  • Fiber Internet

    Recently the 5G network launch in India and fiber broadband has become a topic of discussion. And you should know that fiber is better than 5G till now for residential and commercial use. If you are wondering which connection is fastest between fiber and 5G? You should know fiber is way faster than 5G and covers a long distance. You can enjoy up to 100gbps with a fiber connection. On the 5G internet, you can uplink in 10gbps and downlink in 20gbps, which makes fiber internet five times faster than 5G.

    Rahul Nambiar | Tata Play Fiber By Rahul Nambiar | 3rd October 2022
  • Broadband Internet Connection

    A fiber-optic broadband connection is the newest and speediest internet connection as of today. It’s 100% reliable unless someone cuts through the cable. Data travels faster and is much more reliably over optic fiber than over copper wire.

    Rahul Nambiar | Tata Play Fiber By Rahul Nambiar | 10th May 2022